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Product Cool Limit Heat Limit Automatic Setback feature
DADSTAT Auto Setback
Heat to 68°/Cool to 76°
No Limit No Limit
HCVAR NOT Tamper Proof User Sets Limit User Sets Limit
Warehouse Stat
Auto Setback
Heat to 47°/Cool to  84°
74° 54°
HC7176 76° 71°
HC7174SB Auto Setback
Heat to 68°
74° 71°
HC71SB Auto Setback
Heat to 68°
No Limit 71°
HC7272 72° 72°
HC7372 72° 73°
HC7376 76° 73°
HC7445 No Limit 74°

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Walt Disney
Circle K
Center Point Energy

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Tamper Proof Thermostats

Landlord Controlled Thermostat


Hi Friends, in all seriousness,… we are a small family owned and operated company. We are open for business during these trying times and all thermostats still ship the same day as they always have.

My daughters Hope & Kelly, (they do the shipping), have become some what “germophobic”. They sanitize anything they touch before they touch it. Rest assured that all packages going out are “Germ Free” when they ship.  However, the box may arrive looking a little “warped” from the bleach & alcohol.  

I also want youth know that we do sincerely appreciate your business.  Stay healthy, Wash your hands, stay home & get “Re-Connected” to the ones that you Love…..

We will get through this, We Are Americans !

Sincerely,  Mike Lyle, Owner Chicago Controls, inc