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Many of us have our own small ways to save money on bills. Whether it’s unplugging electronics or clipping coupons, it’s natural to want to save money where you can, especially when money is tight.

While these tips don’t often save a substantial amount of money, over time, the cents add up.

However, some common heating and cooling “money-saving” tips not only don’t save you money, but they might end up costing you more. If you’re looking to save money on heating and cooling costs, heed the following advice.

  1. Don’t Turn the Thermostat Off

Many people think that turning the thermostat off when they leave for the day saves them on heat costs but the opposite is true. It takes a disproportionate amount of energy to bring your home to the desired temperature when you get home if the heat has been off all day. The best course of action is to lower your thermostat, but don’t turn it off completely. The same is true for air conditioning.

  1. Remember That Every Degree Counts

While it may seem inconsequential, just one degree can lower your heating bill by about ten percent. While you may not have a lot of choice in the summer, during the colder months, try adding a sweater or thick socks instead of turning up the heat. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

  1. Change Your Filters

Clogged or otherwise compromised furnace filters force your unit to work harder and use more energy. Make sure you’re changing the filters regularly, usually every 3-6 months depending on the brand. If you have allergies, try buying inexpensive filters and changing them monthly.

We are here to answer all of your thermostat and HVAC questions and help you save money one degree at a time. Save 30% on your energy bill!

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