3 Important Summer Energy – Money Saving Tips This Summer

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July 1, 2019
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July 29, 2019

The 2019 season is predicted to be one of the hottest yet, so you’re likely interested in a few ways to save. When the season heats up, people across the country seek refuge in their air conditioned homes, but as your tenants adjust the temp on their thermostats in order to cool off, it can have a big impact on your summer energy bill. Consider the following energy-saving tips to save some funds this summer.

Swap Out Your Regular Curtains for Solar Curtains


Solar curtains block out the sun, which will help keep rooms cooler in the summer months. About 15% of a home’s thermal energy loss escapes through the windows, so choosing the right curtains will help maintain efficiency. Look for a UV rating on the packaging of the curtains, and choose ones that offer the most protection.


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Determine Thermal Weak Spots

If your property is lacking thermal efficiency, you’re wasting money every day. The goal in the summer is to keep the cool air in; you want to make sure it’s not escaping and pushing your air conditioner to work harder. Use your best judgement and inspect your home for air leaks, and then seal off any problems areas with insulation tape. You can also contact a professional to conduct an energy audit.

Schedule a A/C Tune Up


A yearly A/C tune up will help prevent little, inexpensive problems become bigger in the future. Take care of your property and all of its appliances, so it can take care of you. With a proper tune up, your unit will last longer and run more efficiently—helping you save money in the long run.

Install a Special Thermostat


Consider installing an auto-setback thermostat that resets itself back to a specified temperature every few hours or a different model that’s suited for landlords.

Simply because it’s set to be a hot summer doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, too. Use the above tips to keep costs down this season.


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