3 Landlord Tips for Transitioning From Winter Weather to Spring Weather

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March 3, 2020
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March 30, 2020
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Changing seasons from summer to winter or vice-versa

Spring weather has arrived and we’re ready for longer, sunnier days, but are your rental properties ready for the seasonal change? There will still be a few days when the temperature dips to frigid lows, and all those showers that bring beautiful flowers will bring higher levels of precipitation along with them. Now is the time to ensure that your investment property is prepared for any unexpected weather. Here are a few ways you can stay ahead of the game.


Check Your Storm Drains and Rain Gutters

weatherSpring is typically a season with temperate, sunny days, but it comes with its fair share of rain as well. Depending on where you live, warmer weather may be thawing the remaining ice and snow from winter. This combination can lead to flooding, if the places the water uses to escape the home are blocked. Be sure to clean rain gutters of leaves, twigs, and other debris that collected and blocked passage over the fall and winter. This feature of a home is designed to funnel rainwater away from the home and landscaping. Keeping it clear will ensure that it can do its job properly. While you’re tackling this chore, be sure to clear all outdoor storm drains of debris, too. This will prevent water from pooling around the home and patio, which can damage foundations and outdoor spaces.


Create a Spring Maintenance Regimen

The best way to prevent damage and stay on top of small problems that could turn into larger issues is to make a checklist of spring maintenance chores to conduct. Some ideas you may want to consider include:


  • Patching damage to pavement and concrete
  • Washing and inspecting vinyl siding
  • Trimming hedges and trees
  • Washing/inspecting windows and repairing or replacing damaged glass or screens
  • Checking door frames and windows for gaps, and caulking or replacing weatherstripping
  • Checking insulation to be sure it is adequate and in good shape
  • Making sure there are no busted or leaky pipes, caused by winter temperatures
  • Checking smoke detectors and CO2 detectors to be sure they have good batteries and are functioning properly
  • Having yearly maintenance performed on your HVAC system


thermostatInstall Landlord Thermostats

One of the challenges of the temperature variations in the spring is keeping the thermostat set to an appropriate temperature. Some days are still very chilly, while others feel almost like summer. If you have rental properties, landlord thermostats are an ideal way to maintain control over the temperature settings and maximize the benefits of your investment. Tenants are not always home to change thermostat settings, and unfortunately some are careless or negligent. Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. has a perfect solution with its line of landlord thermostats that work to keep rental properties comfortable for tenants all year long.


If you are looking for a solution to keeping rental properties at the ideal temperature during unpredictable spring weather and throughout the year, reach out to Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. today. Our landlord thermostat products are a sure way to help you get a grip on investment property utility bills.


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