3 Tips to Increase Your Rental Property’s Energy Efficiency in the Springtime

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May 6, 2019
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Energy efficiency is vital in this day and age. Spring brings warmer weather to your rental property, and you may be wondering how you can save on energy efficiency while keeping your tenants happy. With strange weather during the spring, it can be hard to predict the best strategies. However, almost any rental property offers some potential for better energy efficiency, which will make both you and your tenants happier.


Investing in Window Treatments

Windows have a dramatic impact on the overall climate control and comfort levels of a living space. Check your rental property’s windows for any signs of wear or damage. Some may be repairable while other windows may require replacement. If you need to do any type of work on the windows of your rental property, why not consider going a step further and updating all the windows, or investing in window treatments that help the property take more advantage of available natural light? Natural light helps maintain comfortable inside temperatures and has been proven to elevate mood.

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Check the Water Heater

Your tenants deserve hot water when they need it, and they likely expect as per your rental contract. Check the water heater of your rental property this spring. Since the weather is warmer, a slight interruption to hot water in a rental unit may be less of an issue for your tenant if you need to repair or replace one. Investing in water heater repairs or replacements is best in the springtime so you can ensure they stay in proper working order during the winter, when demand for water heater service usually spikes. More energy efficient water heater configurations could also potentially save you and your tenants money on energy bills.

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Consider Going Green

Depending on the type of rental property you own, you could have many possible chances to increase energy efficiency in your rental property. If a rental property needs a new appliance or a vital structure is in disrepair, consider a greener option for better energy efficiency. You could also find green building materials for updates and renovations and may even reap tax benefits from investing in more energy efficiency for your rental units.


Springtime is an ideal time of year for everyone, but it is also a great opportunity for landlords to increase their rental property’s energy efficiency in the Springtime.


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