3 Ways to Lower Your Winter Heating Bills

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December 12, 2017
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February 13, 2018

Avoid high heating billsThroughout the frosty winter months, most of us never leave our homes without the protection of hats, gloves, and coats. Your rental property also requires protection from the cold temperatures, and if left to their own devices, tenants won’t give a second thought to cranking thermostats a lot higher than necessary.

As a landlord, there are several steps worth taking to avoid high tenant heating bills. Here are three of the best ways you can decrease your heating bills and keep your property running smoothly during the winter.

Check the Seals on All Doors and Windows

If you don’t inspect your windows and doors, they can become drafty and may cause heating bills to rise. When you examine your windows, look carefully at all frames for holes and deteriorating caulk, and for any sign of loose or damaged weather-stripping. If any issues are seen, re-caulk any openings and replace the damaged weatherstripping to prevent cold air from constantly seeping into your property.

Increase Insulation

A sure-fire way to decrease heating bills is to ensure that the property is properly sealed. Installing insulation on floors, ceilings, unfinished walls, and in attics can drastically lower your heating costs. Another way to ensure that your property is fully closed off from the outside weather is to install storm panels on a single-pane window, which can decrease winter heat loss by as much as 50%.

Purchase a Landlord Thermostat

To prevent tenants from running up your heating bills, purchasing and installing a tamper-proof thermostat that gives you most of the control over your building’s thermostat is a good idea. Allowing tenants only limited access to changing the temperature while giving the owner control over the custom maximum and minimum heating limitations, these thermostats can help owners save as much as 17% on their winter utility bills.

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