3 Ways Our Clients Saved Money With Auto Setback Thermostats This Fall

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Fall can be one of the most troublesome times of the year for landlords trying to minimize wasted energy from their thermostats. Auto setback thermostats offer a wide range of features that make temperature control during the fall much easier. Recently, three of our clients told us how their new auto setback thermostats helped them save money this fall.


Linda, Owner of Retirement Community

elderly thermostatLinda was able to save time and money this fall by not needing to adjust thermostats in the units of her retirement community. Retirement community residents need consistent temperatures not only for comfort, but for health and safety reasons as well. Residents in the community were safe and comfortable thanks to the new auto setback thermostats Linda installed, despite the fact that the fall months are typically the most variable when it comes to outside temperatures.


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Robert, Owner of Multi-Family Unit Apartment Complex

residential thermostatThermostat control can be a major hassle for owners of multi-family apartment complex buildings. If one unit’s thermostat is out of sync, it can potentially throw off the entire complex’s HVAC system and disrupt temperature settings throughout the building. Robert was able to keep his apartment complex units comfortable with auto setback thermostats, which in turn helped to optimize the complex’s HVAC units with maximum operational efficiency.





Kasey, Rental Property Owner

auto setback thermostatThanks to the tamperproof construction of her newly installed auto setback thermostat, Kasey was able to ensure the temperatures inside her rental property would remain consistent and comfortable throughout the fall season. Auto setback thermostats automatically reset to specific temperatures on set schedules. This helps ensure a property’s HVAC system does not overwork itself during periods of variable temperatures, especially the fall months.





If you are interested in an easier way to maintain consistent temperatures in your rental property, contact Landlord Thermostats today for more information about auto setback thermostats for different types of rental properties, from single-family homes to multi-family apartment complexes.


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