3 Ways to Enhance the Efficiency of Your Rental Property’s Air Conditioning

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March 20, 2018
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May 8, 2018

As the sweltering heat of summer approaches, many landlords are beginning to consider how to improve the air conditioning systems on their properties. You really don’t want to be getting angry calls from tenants if is an especially hot day and the air conditioning unit stops working. Follow these tips to ensure that your air conditioning system will function throughout the summer.

  1. Adjust Your Thermostat Depending on Hours of the Day

Air conditioningOveruse can be a big reason an air conditioning unit stops working, not to mention it can be very expensive. Turning down the system through the night is a good way to maintain your system and save money.

Adjusting the thermostat when your tenants leave for work, or any extended period, is a good idea. Remind your tenants about these strategies and that it will save them money and they will be more inclined to follow through.

  1. Be Strategic With Your Landscaping

Strategically choosing and placing your plants and shrubs is important. Most air conditioning units need at least two feet of space all around for maximum functioning. When you are choosing which plants to put in the yard, make sure to take note of the location of the air conditioning unit and pay attention to how large the plants are supposed to grow. Even if they are not in the way when you first plant them, in a couple months they could be blocking the unit.

  1. Consider Upgrading Your Unit

If your property’s air conditioning unit is more than 10 or 12 years old, or your thermostat is 5+ years old you should consider upgrading it to a newer unit. A Unilever study determined that 33% of people make purchasing decisions partly based on energy efficiency. Investing in a unit that is energy efficient will be less expensive for you and lets your tenants know they are getting a good deal.