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August 13, 2021
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Thankfully there are several helpful apps available for landlords to assist in their day to day activities.

These useful apps can come in hand (literally) when you are listing apartments, homes, condos, etc. for rent, screening applicants, monitoring utilities, managing accounting, booking tours, electronic document signing, leasing management, site inspections and more.


Useful and Time Saving Apps for Landlords


  • Calcbot
  • Currency conversions made easy with Calcbot. Available on Apple Watch too


  • Certn
  • Certn is an all-in-one platform that covers all the bases, background checks included. Check this app out, it’s a totally new way of managing your landlord tasks.


  • DocuSign 
  • Digital signatures are life savers in this day and age. DocuSign is amazingly helpful for landlords and tenants. 


  • DropBox
  • Store all your documents quickly and safely all in one place. DropBox is here to help manage your rental property documents via the Cloud.


  • Experian
  • Background checks are available everywhere, are you sure you’re getting the best report for your buck? Experian is one of the top rated financial background check companies, download the Experian app today for free. 
  • Tenant Background Check.  Check out your renter prospects’ financial background and ability to pay. 


  • Flume 
  • You monitor your electric bill, but do you monitor your water the same? The Flume app allows you to monitor your water which is a great way to catch any leaks and prevent mold or damage. Flume has a sensor that attaches in 10 minutes so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe.  


  • GoCanvas
  • Forms come in all shapes and sizes. Create your own customizable forms for any reason quickly and conveniently with GoCanvas today.


  • Google Assistant
  • You want an assistant but don’t want to vet and hire them yourself? No problem. Google Assistant is here for you with hands free searches. 


  • Handy 
  • Available, affordable and professional apartment cleaners have never been easier! When using Handy, finding a reputable cleaner is done right. 


  • Home Advisor
  • Home Advisor is a free app that finds the best verified contractors in a jiffy! This app gives you the power to review and compare contractors plus schedule appointments. Don’t waste your time and energy siphering through scams when Home Advisor has you covered. 


  • HotPads
  • List your vacant homes accurately, conveniently and quickly through the HotPads app. 


  • HoursTracker 
  • Track your time easily with HoursTracker, this is great when you need to manage your time and your team’s time. 


  • Keepe
  • The list of maintenance vendors is quite extensive. Keepe helps you find the best maintenance vendor when you need to.


  • Keyzapp
  • Landlords juggle several tasks, including keys. Keyzapp helps keep your keys organized and correctly labeled with electronic SmartFobs. This tool prevents you from having to search for the right keys at the wrong time. 


  • Logix
  • Do you prefer to rent seasonally or short term but have a tough time reaching the right crowd? Logix is a short term rental tenant finder, let Logix hunt for you. 


  • ManageCasa
  • Get your accounting, maintenance, payments and management organized with this one all-encompassing app. Bonus, this app is integrated with Stripe, the leader in online payment solutions which helps keep your tenants and contractors happy. 


  • ManyRoofs
  • Accurately pricing your property is crucial. This rent price calculator keeps you informed on market rental rates which empowers you to list your property price properly. 


  • MileIQ
  • Tracking your mileage has never been easier! MileIQ attributes the correct costs to each of your properties so you don’t have to spend your time allocating properly. 


  • NowRenting
  • Posting your rental listings is easy and breezy when using NowRenting. 


  • Pay Your Rent  
  • Same day rent payment processing is quick and convenient for you and your tenants. This app is great for renters who are trying to build their credit. 


  • Rent Payment
  • Assist your tenants with paying rent online and on time with Rent Payment. 


  • Rentable
  • Renters scour the internet for available properties. Connect with your renters on their terms by advertising your vacant rentals through Rentable. 


  • Scanbot
  • Scanning documents often pairs with managing your assets. With Scanbot you can scan and store any and everything with the touch of a button including items with barcodes, QR codes and MRZ. 


  • Sense 
  • Knowing how much energy your rental properties use is beneficial for both your and your renters. With Sense Energy Monitor you have access to real-time data through your phone, tablet and computer. When you see the energy usage and where it comes from you can see how you can reduce electric bills.


  • ShowingHero
  • Talk about an all-in-one app! ShowingHero not only answers all calls and emails but it also manages and schedules agent, prospect and occupant showings. Plus, this amazing app manages even your admin tasks including emailing and following up with both prospects and applicants, screens your leads and even requests feedback.


  • Stessa
  • How are your properties performing? Track your finances, investments and performance at ease and at your convenience with the Tessa app. 


  • Stripe
  • Online payments are crucial to providing your tenants an easy and convenient way to pay their rent on time. Stripe takes on the landlord’s responsibility of collecting rent through their automatic payment portal. 


  • SuperSaaS
  • Appointment scheduling is tedious and time consuming. SuperSaaS is a scheduling app that sets up your appointments automatically while fitting your parameters.  


  • Sure
  • Landlords need insurance too! With Landlord Insurance you can protect your assets today!


  • TenantVerification
  • Verifying your applicants can be costly and drawn out. TenantVerification allows you to 
  • run background checks, credit reports and identification verifications at the cost of your applicants and deliver clear, concise and accurate reports straight to your inbox. 


  • Thumbtack
  • Not all repairs can be done in-house and outsourcing can be overwhelming with the countless search engine results. Thumbtack helps you find the perfect contractor or handyman to hire for your rental all within the palms of your hands. 


  • VTS
  • Financial reports can be daunting, that’s where VTS comes to play. VTS provides you with the correct and detailed reports you have been looking for.


  • zInspector
  • Inspections can be time consuming and chaotic but not when using zInspector! This helpful tool is a reliable way to track the condition of your rental property from turnover to turnover.


  • Zumper
  • Looking for tenants? Look no further. With the help of Zumper you are sure to find a tenant in no time! Zumper assists in connecting you with high quality renters for FREE. Post your rental listings, screen applicants and accept applications all in one app! 


Being a landlord can be challenging but with the help of these great apps you will be able to enjoy the benefits more.

Kick back and relax with your phone in hand and let the apps do the work.


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