College Roommates and Thermostat Wars

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August 26, 2019
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September 23, 2019

College offers young adults many new first experiences; some are fun and some are challenging. One common issue is the difficulty of sharing a residence for the first time. As students come from various different climates across the globe, the thermostat setting is often an area of contention. Whether you’re a soon-to-be college student or a parent sending your child to his or her first semester of college this year, you should know how to avoid roommate thermostat wars.


The Problems From Constantly Changing Your Thermostat


Many roommate thermostat wars begin because roommates from different parts of the country or even different parts of the world don’t always share the same temperature preferences. Someone who grew up in India will likely have a much different indoor temperature preference than a roommate from Maine. These differences can turn into battles, with roommates constantly going back and forth adjusting the temperature to their own preferences.


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This not only makes the living situation more uncomfortable for everyone involved, it can damage the HVAC system. Whether your system is trying to make up a difference of two degrees or ten, it will run at the same strength. Constantly changing the thermostat setting means the system needs to work harder, increasing the chances of equipment breakdowns.


Solving Thermostat Disagreements

Compromise should be the first step in resolving thermostat wars between roommates. Ultimately, anyone can adjust to a new temperature with consistency, but if someone keeps changing the thermostat, there is no real opportunity to acclimate. Landlords who rent living spaces to college students should know how to keep their thermostats from becoming battlegrounds. Controlled, tamper resistant thermostats help reduce turnover from renters and can keep frustration between roommates minimal for the next college year.


Landlord Thermostats specializes in thermostat control technology for property owners. If you own a rental property for college students and want to ensure they don’t destroy your HVAC system, contact Landlord Thermostats for more information about our controlled thermostat options.


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