Taping hockey sticks is a practice that began in the early 1900s. The primary purpose of taping was to protect the wood, which was the typical material used for sticks. Current ones are of fiberglass, composite material or carbon fiber. People still tape sticks for more reasons than protections. 

Reasons to tape a hockey stick

Surface protection

Some materials can wear off the edges due to friction. The tape reduces breakage and extends the life of the equipment. 

Water repellant

Moisture that infiltrates wooden sticks can cause warping. The stick will not be strong enough for the game. It is especially critical for players who use iced surfaces to tape the blades with a moisture repellant material. 

Control the puck

Fiberglass hockey sticks tend to be slippery and do not always have good adherence to the puck. Veteran player Brian Rolston states that taping helps the players direct the puck. Taping the blade adds cushion and keeps the pick from bouncing away. 


A taped hockey will have a stronger blade that feels more solid. The minimized friction and added pad will give the player a more sturdy playing experience. It is critical for one to re-tape after the blade begins to cut through the initial coverage. 

Breakage protection

A blade that continually hits the ground without protection will be vulnerable to cracks and chipping of material. An exposed edge will take a thorough beating and eventually break off or have other extensive problems. 

The type of tape

The author of Hockey Made Easy, John Shorey, recommends taping the stick as protection against friction. Some players use electrical types, while others prefer the manual ones. The manual models have a sticky feel and will grip better onto any blade material. 

There is an abundance of tape in the current market. The variation is visible from the decorative patterns, colors, size, and density. A black tape offers better camouflage because one cannot tell the difference between it and the blade. This color provides an aesthetic appeal as well as concealment from people who may want to strip it of the edge and transfer it onto theirs. 

The Comp-O-Stik

This brand has a wide variety of pattern designs. It has a substantial water repellant property that makes it perfect for games on watery parks. Unlike most tapes, this particular one will not require that you keep waxing it. Otherwise, North American explains that one will not have a problem if they choose to wax.

You have a couple of options when you purchase from the original manufacturer of the Comp-O-Stick hockey tape – North American Tapes. It is important to note that the color of the tape does not affect its performance.

  • The black and white stick tape
  • Clear and stable colored shin pad tapes
  • Patterned tapes such as one with the American flag design or skulls
  • A cohesive and soft grip tape
  • A split and grip tape

The kit of a Comp-O-Stik hockey tape also includes a retail bulk box and a protection and storage system.



Comp O Stik Hockey Tape