Energy Savings: 5 Features to Look for in a Landlord Thermostat

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Meet your energy saving goals with Chicago Controls Thermostats!

In the world of property management, every detail counts. One such detail that often goes unnoticed but plays a significant role in tenant satisfaction and cost management is the thermostat. As landlords, it’s our task to maintain a comfortable environment for our tenants while managing costs and looking for energy savings. That’s where the role of a landlord thermostat becomes crucial. But what exactly should you look for in a Landlord Thermostat? Here are the top five features to consider.

1. Tamper-Proof Design

First and foremost, a landlord thermostat must be tamper-proof. This feature ensures that the settings you put in place stay intact, regardless of how curious or determined your tenants might be. The importance of this feature cannot be overstated. A tamper-proof design ensures that you get energy savings by keeping costs within your control and not subject to the whims of your tenants.

Consider, for instance, the HC71SB Auto Setback and HC7176 Residential Thermostat from Chicago Controls Thermostats. These models stand out with their completely tamper-proof design. 

The temperature limitations are added directly to the circuit board, making it impossible for tenants to alter them. This feature gives you peace of mind, knowing that no matter what, your desired temperature settings will remain as they are.

2. Automatic Setback

The ability to reset itself automatically to a lower temperature after a certain period is a crucial feature of a landlord thermostat from Chicago Controls. This feature is all about energy savings and efficiency with no constant monitoring.

Take the HC71SB Auto Setback as an example. This model resets itself to 68 degrees every three hours when in heat mode, preventing unnecessary energy consumption when the property is unoccupied or the tenants are asleep. Similarly, the DADSTAT Thermostat automatically resets to 68 degrees after three hours in heat mode and 76 degrees after three hours in A/C mode. These automatic setbacks ensure optimal energy efficiency, saving you extra costs in the long run.

3. Versatility

When it comes to landlord thermostats, versatility is a crucial feature to consider. You want a device that can seamlessly work with a wide range of residential systems, eliminating the need to purchase different thermostats for different properties or systems.

In this aspect, the HC7176 Residential Thermostat truly stands out. Its exceptional versatility allows it to operate on 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6-wire systems, accommodating various HVAC configurations. What’s even more impressive is that it doesn’t require a “common” connection, making it compatible with almost all residential HVAC systems. 

This broad compatibility ensures that regardless of the type of system your property has, this thermostat can handle it with ease.

So, whether you have an older system or a cutting-edge HVAC setup, the HC7176 Residential Thermostat has got you covered. Its adaptability and compatibility make it the perfect choice for landlords seeking a reliable and versatile thermostat solution for their properties.

Invest in a landlord thermostat from Chicago Controls Thermostats for tenant comfort and energy efficiency–explore our range here.

4. Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is a non-negotiable feature for any landlord. A thermostat that limits the maximum and minimum temperatures can lead to significant energy savings.

For instance, the HC7372 Vacation Rental Thermostat limits heat to 73° & A/C to 72 degrees. This limitation ensures that your rental property isn’t consuming unnecessary energy when you’re not there. These energy savings can add up significantly over time, making a big difference in your overall operating costs.

5. Easy Installation

Lastly, the installation process must be hassle-free when it comes to your landlord’s thermostat. We understand that a complicated installation requiring professional assistance can increase your expenses and consume valuable time.

Fortunately, with Chicago Controls’ thermostats, you can rest easy knowing that they are designed for simple wire-for-wire replacements. Typical installations take about five minutes, allowing you to set up your new thermostat without costly professional help.

This ease of installation not only saves you time and money but also ensures you can enjoy the benefits of your new thermostat in no time. Say goodbye to unnecessary complications and hello to a seamless experience with Chicago Controls’ thermostats.

6. No Wi-Fi Necessary

In our increasingly connected world, one might assume that a top-tier thermostat would require a Wi-Fi connection. However, the best landlord thermostats should ideally function effectively without internet access. A thermostat that doesn’t need Wi-Fi simplifies installation and operation and eliminates any potential security risks associated with internet-connected devices.

This aspect is beneficial when the property may not have a stable internet connection or, in case of internet outages, ensuring the thermostat continues to operate seamlessly, maintaining a comfortable environment for your tenants. The no-Wi-Fi feature truly sets apart a landlord thermostat, making it a practical and reliable choice for property management.

Choose Chicago Controls Thermostats

Choosing the right landlord thermostat is more than just controlling the temperature—it’s about making a smart investment for your property. By considering these five features – tamper-proof design, automatic setback, versatility, energy savings, and easy installation – you’ll ensure a comfortable environment for your tenants and save on energy costs.

Chicago Controls Thermostat on a wall.

Choose Chicago Controls Thermostats and save!

While smart thermostats may seem appealing with their Wi-Fi connections and programming capabilities, they come with potential security risks. On the other hand, models like the ones from Chicago Controls Thermostats offer nearly all the advantages of smart devices without programming or Wi-Fi and no security concerns.

Why not consider a model from Chicago Controls Thermostats? With their impressive features and proven reliability, these thermostats are a game-changer in landlords’ energy management. Always check local regulations before installing a landlord thermostat, as some states have specific rules regarding temperature limits in rental properties.

With a Chicago Controls Thermostat, you’re not just getting a thermostat—you’re getting a tool that will revolutionize how you manage your properties’ heating and cooling systems.

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