Fall Chilly Weather May Effect Your Health

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Autumn brings plenty of great things – family holidays, cozy hot drinks, and a reason to pull out that really soft sweater you missed so much from last year. But with all its joy, the fall weather brings some serious health risks as well. Here are some of the biggest threats to our health fall weather brings. Fall weather health effects can very. Do you notice any of these affecting you?

Risk of Heart Attack

 According to the Harvard Health Letter, your risk of heart attack increases with cold weather. This is because, in lower temperatures, blood vessels become narrower, causing a spike in blood pressure. Also, blood flow slows down, forcing the heart to work harder to pump. 

Dry Skin

Cold air is much drier than warm air. This means that in the cooler months, skin does not get the moisture that it needs, causing your skin to dry out and get potentially damaged by some chilly winds. And dry skin is both extremely uncomfortable and not flattering to look at.

Vitamin D

Thanks to the sun, most people get plenty of Vitamin D in the summer. But once fall hits, Vitamin D levels plummet. This can lead to a decrease in immune system functioning and make you more likely to get sick. Lack of Vitamin D can also lead to a decrease in healthy hormone levels, resulting in loss of sex drive, motivation, and even loss of interest in hobbies.

Mood Swings

Many suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to a lack of sunlight and warmth. Energy levels decrease, and it can put people in lousy mental states.

Fall weather health effects range from person to person. Be sure to keep an eye out for how fall effects you and your loved ones.

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