Fire Sprinkler Training Courses

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Fire Sprinkler Training Courses

Fire Sprinkler Training Courses:  How To Become A Professional Fire Inspector

Fire inspectors play a very important role in every nation today. They help to protect lives and properties from being damaged by catastrophic fire incidents. Most of them work with fire departments, city code enforcement companies, and some other organizations to make sure that the safety codes of buildings are exceeded and met.

According to statistics, 73% of fire inspectors work for rural, local, county, or city fire department. The remaining professionals work with federal and state agencies, damage assessment and insurance firms, or some law firms that deal with property law.

There are several ways to become part of this profession, and you don’t need a college degree to achieve this. However, you will need a degree of training by taking fire sprinkler training courses. You will be more favored in getting a fire inspector job if you have a little bit of firefighting experience training. When you partake in fire sprinkler training courses, you will be exposed to a lot of firefighting training, and you will learn everything you need to about firefighting.

Here are some tips on how to become a professional fire inspector.

Firefighting Experience

To become a professional fire inspector, you will need to have more knowledge about the safety regulations of fire and federal and state building codes. But before that, you will need to have a better understanding of the condition in which fire originates and spreads. You will need to know about the equipment and tactics used in firefighting and also the designs and materials used to construct industrial, commercial, and residential structures. You will be able to know more about these things when you partake in fire sprinkling training courses.

As a new firefighter, you will have to go through rigorous training in order to meet up with the demands of the industry. Also, if you are already working for a fire department, you can partake in fire sprinkling training courses to learn more about positions of firefighting, how to fight or prevent fire in residential homes, offices, forested land, etc. You will also learn about fire alarm and suppression systems.

Get Fire Inspector Training

A lot of employers prefer candidates with fire protection engineering, architecture, building construction, or some other related training (usually for two years). Over 50% fire inspectors have a level of post-secondary education. There are some built around or intensive programs for already serving inspectors. There are state enacted building, fire prevention, and safety codes. You need to enroll in some fire inspector training to understand the strategies behind these codes and how to perform compliance inspection.

You might also need to take some report writing, CAD, and computer software courses. But the requirement of candidates is dependent on the employer or the state. Knowing how to read blueprints and architectural drawings, inspecting the capability of operation for fire sprinkler, and conducting fire exit drills will be an added advantage to you.

Get Certified

As a fire inspector, after all your rigorous training and knowledge acquired, you need to have something to show for it. You need to earn certification, as it what your employers will look out for before hiring you.