Five Tips for Being a Responsible Landlord

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responsible landlordBeing a landlord isn’t just about making money – it’s about helping people feel welcome and safe while living in your rental property. To be the best possible responsible landlord, keep the tips below in mind to protect yourself and to make your tenants happy.

Know Your Area

Many tenants are new to your town or city. Help them learn what it’s like to live in your town. Give them maps and written directions to grocery stores, schools, the local pharmacy, and other essential locations. Recommend physicians, dentists, and other specialists if a tenant hasn’t found one. Find out what your tenants like to do and suggest avenues for that – point athletes to local sports fields and fitness centers or bookworms to the local bookshops.

Stock Up

Your tenant should feel comfortable knowing he or she has the basics on hand. Stock the bathrooms with toilet paper, cleansers, and other supplies. You won’t be buying toilet paper for them every week, but it’s a nice thing for a new renter to see when they first walk in the door.

If your rental is furnished, keep the bed linens fresh, and stock the kitchen with paper towels and cleansers. Make it easy for temporary guests to clean up after themselves by having ready supplies.

Build Rapport

Write new tenants welcome letters expressing how happy you are to have them. Speak to your tenants when you see them out and about. If a tenant has a complaint, work with him or her to find solutions.

Talk to your tenants about optimal living temperatures. Including utilities in rent can be great for tenants, but ensure that energy savings aren’t flying out the window. A limiting thermostat is like a fence – it makes sure all parties know the boundaries. As fences make good neighbors, a limiting thermostat can make good tenant-landlord relationships.

Set Consistent Guidelines

The rules for your property should be reasonable and consistent. As noted, making reasonable accommodations is expected, but your job is not necessarily to adhere to the various needs of your tenants. Follow state and federal statutes and your community’s guidelines for rent rates, and always respond promptly to maintenance requests.

Responsible Landlord’s Offer Options

Offer tenants options such as online rent payment or an online form to fill out for maintenance requests. When you make it easy to pay, there will be fewer excuses for not paying. Give tenants your email and phone number, as well as the best times to reach you.

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