Four Reasons to Install a Temperature-Limiting Thermostat in Your Rental

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May 8, 2018
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June 19, 2018

Most landlords can’t trust their tenants to conserve energy. Can landlord control thermostat temperature-limiting thermostats provide a solution to tenants who are costing you money? Here is a temperature control rental solution for landlords that you can trust.

Temperature-limiting thermostatSince tenants don’t have to pay the electric bill, they often use the HVAC system irresponsibly. After all, they don’t have to deal with the repercussions of their actions – you do. Installing a temperature-limiting thermostat can put you in control of energy usage in your rental properties.

It’s a simple change that can lead to hundreds of dollars in energy savings every year plus a number of other enticing benefits.

Control Your Monthly Costs

Can landlord control thermostat solutions really save you money? Yes, depending upon the size of the property. Savings usually range from 15-35% or even more depending on square footage and other factors when using our thermostat locks. Tenants can be frustrating. They don’t own the property and aren’t responsible for repairs, so they may treat their places casually. They may use air conditioning like it’s free, for example, when utility costs can actually take a major toll on the landlord’s profits. When you install landlord thermostats, you no longer have to leave your monthly costs in the hands of irresponsible tenants. You retain control of your expenses regardless of who lives on the property. Your energy bills will always fall within a set range, helping you maintain a budget for the long run.

Prevent Extreme Temperatures

Many people are under the misconception that cranking the air conditioner way down or way up will achieve a desired room temperature faster than putting it on a reasonable number. If your tenants are the types that set the thermostat to 67 degrees when they really want it to be 75 degrees in the room, they’re throwing your money out the window. Extreme temperatures on the thermostat don’t make the HVAC unit work faster. It will just run longer and waste money.

Enjoy Automatic Energy Savings

Our temperature-limiting thermostat has energy-saving features like making automatic temperature adjustments at certain times of day. You can set your thermostats to only run for a certain period of time before shutting off. You or your tenants can create pre-set schedules with six or more temperature settings per day. You’ll have the power to manually override some parts of the schedule without affecting the rest of the day or week. Thermostat schedules can keep temperatures controlled while your tenant is on vacation as well.

Customize Your Heating and Cooling Limits

A modern temperature-limiting thermostat allows you to set custom high and low temperatures. This can save money by giving you the flexibility to control temperatures for a certain property. A conference hall, for example, could use a wider range than a studio apartment. Purchasing the right landlord thermostat can give you customizable features and programming options so you’re in complete control of your energy costs at all times. No more relying on your tenants’ whims!

If you are a landlord asking yourself, “Can a landlord control thermostats?” now you know that you can!