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Are you ready to get in shape in the gym? The gym is a better place to work out because it has more amenities and suitable flooring to offer soft support for your underfoot. You can perform everything from light workouts like yoga and aerobics to lifting and dropping massive weights without worrying that they will cause damage.

Safe flooring for the gym is available in different formats, and it can get tricky trying to choose which one will make the right impact. You want to choose the type that supports several types of workouts and will be able to offer resistance support to massive weights, gym equipment, and much more. The following are some options of gym floors you will get from Garage Floor Canada and why we are your best bet when purchasing and installing.

Types Of Gym Floors To Consider And Reasons To Choose Us


Rubber floorings are the most common because they support a lot of different amounts of weight, are slip-proof gym flooring, and have excellent shock absorbing ability. You can get rubber floors in various thicknesses and sizes, which means you can also get the thinnest one possible if you intend to do light workouts. Our rubber floors can cover the entire floor in your gym and have a remarkable ability to absorb shock and maintain long-term durability.


These are more like exercise mats, hence not the most suitable for heavy workouts or exercise machines. The foam flooring is generally suitable for light workouts like pilates and yoga if you want them to last a long time.


Vinyl flooring is yet another option for gym and exercise flooring because it has a lot of resistance against water and is one of the easiest to clean. You want to use vinyl if you wish to reduce the occurrence of mold, mildew, and moisture and offer good support for heavy gym equipment.

However, it is better to combine vinyl flooring with other kinds of mats if you want to absorb more shock and protect yourself against the impact of hitting the floor.


Many gyms use cork flooring because of its ability to absorb intense shock from massive machines and rough workout sessions. It is possible to double up on the layers of cork floors to improve the performance, so make sure you consult with a professional installer if you would like to do so. The only disclaimer is that cork floors fade faster when exposed to direct sunlight, so you may want to only use them in a basement, garage, or gym inside a building.

Why Us For Heavy Impact Flooring?

Chinook Auto Supplies has more than one type of gym flooring, so you have more than enough options to compare before buying. We only sell safe flooring for gyms that can withstand the heaviest impact and allow more durability. In addition, you can also buy regular flooring to put underneath the gym flooring, such as when you want to double your garage as a home gym. Check out our information online to make your order of protective flooring for a gym now.

Gym Flooring Canada

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Gym Flooring Canada

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