Here’s Your Quick Fall Maintenance Checklist

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October 21, 2019
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maintenanceFall is here, bringing with it cooler weather as well as a host of responsibilities for landlords across the country. As mentioned in our introductory post, fall is an ideal time to take care of your yearly, bi-annual, or quarterly property inspections, as well as perform fall maintenance.


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Consult this quick checklist to ensure you are meeting your tenant’s needs and keeping your property safe and energy-efficient through the coming winter months:


  • Maintain HVAC systems. Keeping your HVAC in proper working order ensures your tenant’s winter comfort and can help keep energy and repair costs at a minimum. In addition to regular maintenance, consider duct cleaning in the fall to optimize winter efficiency.
  • Install a landlord thermostat. To avoid tenant-controlled temperature extremes, consider installing a landlord thermostat this fall. You can ensure your tenants are comfortable throughout the upcoming seasons as well as prevent costly temperature fluctuations that can damage your system.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in all rental properties. Adding inspection of these detectors to your fall maintenance checklist ensures all are working properly, keeping your tenants safe and your properties in compliance.
  • door sealingSecure doors and windows. Check doors and windows for drafts that can wind up spiking your energy use this winter. Install weather stripping or caulk if needed and ensure all latches and locks function properly.
  • Maintain plumbing. Any exterior plumbing, such as sprinkler systems and pools, should undergo seasonal maintenance in the fall to prepare for the winter months. In addition, fall is a great time to flush and service your property’s hot water heaters.
  • Address roof issues. Remove any accumulated leaf debris from gutters and valleys and address any problem shingles or roofing materials. In addition, check for soft spots and leaks.
  • Clean outdoor and common areas. Any common areas or exterior surfaces should be clean, free of trash, and well-lit. Ensure your lighting, stairways, and walkways are up to code to avoid potential issues.


Watch for our final fall readiness post regarding thermostat usage for your properties. Or, contact us for more information about how a landlord thermostat can save you money this season.


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