How a Limiting Thermostat Can Save Landlords Money

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October 23, 2014
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March 21, 2017

Being a landlord comes with lots of responsibility, and when tenants tamper with their thermostat, it can tank your bottom line. Saving money is important, especially if you pay your tenants’ heating and cooling costs. However, regulating the temperature in each unit can be impossible without being intrusive.

A limiting thermostat, however, can be the answer to this problem. Instead of relying on a lock box to ensure your tenants don’t adjust their thermostats, consider a limiting thermostat. A limiting thermostat can help save on utility bills and protect your investment.

What is a Limiting Thermostat?

Temperature limiting thermostatA limiting thermostat is a device that prevents tenants from adjusting the temperature in their units. Depending on the season, lowering or raising the temperature in each unit by even a few degrees can cut hundreds or thousands of kilowatt hours from your bill.

Limiting thermostats are proven to save as much as 30% on energy costs. Each month, these savings quickly add up. In fact, on average, a limiting thermostat will pay for itself within the first few months of ownership, making it a smart investment for your rental properties.

Limiting thermostats come in a variety of models to meet a variety of needs, and each one can be set to a specific temperature range. Some units allow the temperature to be turned down by the tenant, like during the heat of the day or when they return home from work, for a specified time, but then gradually readjusts back to the programmed temperature range.

Other units give you greater control by preventing the tenant from adjusting the temperature completely. This is especially handy for multi-unit building rental properties, since the limiting thermostat regulates the temperature throughout the building and lets you calculate the usage per unit for maximum temperature control.

Who Should Have Limiting Thermostats?

Any landlord can benefit from limiting thermostats, however, they are most beneficial in units where heating and/or cooling costs are included as part of a tenant’s monthly rent. Limiting thermostats can also reduce the load on your rental property’s HVAC system, helping ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the system.

Why Chicago Controls Thermostats?

Rental thermostatThere are many brands of limiting thermostats available, but Chicago Controls models are ranked among the very best. Chicago Controls thermostats are versatile, easy to install, and come with a full one-year warranty. The units are compatible with a variety of systems and wiring configurations.

Also, Chicago Controls thermostats are tamper proof and impervious to hacking. Each unit has been pre-programmed so the equipment cannot be reset or otherwise modified. There are no access codes to remember or other programming required – each unit is pre-programmed and ready to install right out of the box.

Businesses like The Walt Disney Company and Sandals Resorts rely on Chicago Controls thermostats in their hotels and resorts because of the units’ reliability, ease of use, and value.

If you’re considering installing limiting thermostats in your rental properties, check out Chicago Controls Thermostats to find a model that fits your needs. Discounts may be available for volume purchases. Call today for details.

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