How Landlord Thermostats Can Improve Leasing Rates Over the Winter

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January 20, 2020
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February 17, 2020

Most rental property owners know that leasing tends to slow during the winter but taking a few steps today can give off-season leasing rates a much-needed boost. Landlord thermostats are an often overlooked yet surprisingly effective way to attract more tenants to a property over a winter, and landlords can take a few additional steps to give their winter leasing rates a boost.


Landlord Thermostats Make Rental Properties More Comfortable

leasingWhen prospective tenants are looking at rental properties during the winter, one of the first things they will notice when touring potential rental units is the comfort level of the unit. Landlord thermostats allow property owners to maintain consistent temperatures inside their rental units. Tenants will not need to worry about adjusting the setting, and the landlord can preserve the unit’s HVAC system by ensuring it does not need to work as hard during the winter.

Installing a landlord thermostat also helps to keep heating costs lower. When tenants must pay for utilities with their rental units, lower than average utility costs could be a major selling point. Let potential tenants know they won’t need to worry about adjusting their thermostat settings if they decide to rent from you and explain the benefits of this system and how it helps keep utility costs low.


Market Rental Properties Effectively

Potential tenants will use all kinds of channels to find rental properties. If you want your listings to shine and attract tenants during the winter, you need to market them effectively across multiple channels. Make sure local rental databases include the most up-to-date information about your available units. If you have decided to install a landlord thermostat, make sure you highlight the rental unit’s comfort level and affordable utility rates as selling points to attract tenants to the value you offer.

Remember, leasing may be slower during the winter, but when potential tenants are looking to rent new places to live over the winter, they generally want to move in as soon as possible so they have a comfortable place to stay during the harshest time of year. Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. can help rental property owners maximize their rental property income and attract more tenants when leasing rates tend to be slowest. Contact us today to learn more about the landlord thermostat systems we offer.


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