How Thermostat Control Can Be a Safety Signal

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April 27, 2020
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May 26, 2020

More people than ever are working from home and limiting their time spent outside. Social interaction is at a minimum out of safety and Americans continue to practice social distancing guidelines to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. One device in your home that could be more important than you might realize during this time is your thermostat. This is especially true if you have an elderly loved one who lives alone while you are unable to check in on them.


Warning Signs from Thermostats

Elderly individuals are generally more vulnerable to sudden temperature changes, and a thermostat could potentially help you gauge how a loved one is feeling. For example, if your older loved one is feeling too warm due to a fever, they may attempt to adjust the thermostat before reaching out for help, not realizing they are getting sick. In this situation, adjusting the thermostat could be dangerous. Older people with compromised immune systems need prompt medical treatment when they develop fevers and adjusting the thermostat could potentially delay lifesaving care.


Protect Your Older Loved Ones With Controlled Thermostats

If your older loved one tends to adjust the temperature before considering the possibility that they may be sick, a controlled thermostat could potentially be a lifesaving device. These thermostats prevent anyone from adjusting them. If your loved one develops a fever, they will not be able to change the temperature setting and may respond more appropriately to the situation.




As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many families across the country must adapt their everyday routines in many different ways. One of the biggest challenges for many families is undoubtedly how they should care for their elderly loved ones when they cannot physically check in on them on a regular basis. A controlled thermostat can offer peace of mind during these uncertain times. Contact Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. today for more information about these devices and the benefits they offer.


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