How to Choose the Best Thermostat for Senior Housing Units

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Make the right choice for your senior housing units.

As people age, their requirements change considerably. Senior citizens are more sensitive to temperature changes and require comfortable living arrangements. High temperatures might result in dehydration and exhaustion. In contrast, low temperatures might increase respiratory infections, making maintaining ideal indoor temperature levels at senior living facilities critical. One solution to address these concerns is installing an appropriate thermostat. This blog post will review everything you need to know when selecting the best thermostat for senior housing units. Besides discussing the various thermostats available, we’ll also introduce the HC7376 Thermostat for Elderly, one of the best thermostats for senior living facilities on the market.

Understanding the Needs of Senior Tenants

Maintaining the ideal indoor temperature is essential for senior citizens’ health and comfort. Older adults are more sensitive to temperature changes and vulnerable to heat and cold-related health problems. That’s why it’s critical to maintain proper temperatures inside senior living facilities.

For people over 65, the ideal indoor temperature is between 68-74°F (20-24°C). This range is comfortable and safe for seniors. However, it’s important to note that individual preferences may vary, and some older adults may prefer slightly higher or lower temperatures. Therefore, senior living facility operators should work with their tenants to establish their preferred temperature range and adjust their HVAC systems accordingly.

Maintaining the ideal indoor temperature range can prevent dehydration and exhaustion caused by high temperatures and reduce the risk of respiratory infections from low temperatures. Additionally, seniors who are in a comfortable temperature environment can sleep better, reduce stress levels and improve overall mental and physical well-being.

Therefore, when selecting a thermostat for senior living facilities, it’s essential to consider the needs of elderly tenants and the recommended temperature range. 

By installing the HC7376 Thermostat for Elderly from Chicago Controls Thermostats, senior living facility operators can easily maintain the optimal temperature range needed for the health and comfort of their tenants.

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Types of Thermostats for Senior Housing Units

When shopping for a thermostat for a senior living facility, keep in mind the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Many thermostats have unique features and capabilities, from basic to smart thermostats.

A basic thermostat is simple and easy to use. It frequently has a dial or buttons that enable property managers to change the temperature manually. 

Programmable thermostats allow property managers to set predetermined temperature ranges for specific times of the day. On the other hand, smart thermostats are more sophisticated and can learn about daily behavior patterns and adjust temperature settings automatically.

Both programmable and smart thermostats offer many benefits. However, smart devices interacting with Wi-Fi and smartphones aren’t always ideal for older residents. 

Features to Look for in a Thermostat for Senior Housing Units

Consider several essential features when selecting a thermostat for senior living facilities. Consider the residents’ needs when selecting the ideal thermostat for each building, and consider the following components:

  • Large and easy-to-read display: seniors with visual impairments should still be able to read and operate the thermostat.
  • User-friendly interface: the thermostat should be simple to understand, navigate, and operate.
  • Tamper-proof design: seniors may accidentally or intentionally fiddle with thermostats, making tamper-proof designs ideal.
  • Temperature-limiting: this feature prevents tenants from setting too high or low temperatures.
  • Compressor protection: overheating compressors can lead to costly repairs, so the thermostat should have compressor protection.

You should consider these essential features when selecting a thermostat for senior living facilities.

Introducing the HC7376 Thermostat for Elderly

The HC7376 Thermostat is an excellent option for senior living facilities. One of this thermostat’s chief benefits is its ability to maintain optimal temperatures for elderly folks, ensuring consistent indoor climates despite external changes. The thermostat limits heat to 73F and AC to 76F, which helps maintain optimal indoor temperatures. As with all Chicago Controls Thermostats’ offerings, the HC7376 is completely tamper-proof and a simple wire-for-wire replacement, making it an ideal choice for older or young tenant applications.

Additionally, the HC7376 Thermostat has compressor protection, which protects the HVAC system from overheating and costly repairs. Also, the device has a large, easy-to-read display with an intuitive user interface, perfect for seniors with low vision.

Installation and Maintenance of the HC7376 Thermostat

One benefit of the HC7376 is its easy installation and maintenance. The thermostat is a wire-for-wire replacement, readily interchangeable with older models. As a result, the HC7376 requires less than five minutes to install.


Choose the Thermostat for Elderly to keep seniors happy and healthy year-round.

The Thermostat For Elderly also offers a filter monitor. It counts the hours the filter has worked and reminds you when to change or clean it. This helps ensure that HVAC systems remain at peak performance, too. Resetting the filter monitor is easy, requiring only a single button press.

We recommend regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This includes keeping the thermostat’s surface clean, changing the two AA alkaline batteries, and checking the filter monitor. The thermostat will continue to function optimally by following these simple steps, ensuring tenants get the most out of their HVAC systems.

Final Thoughts

Senior citizens’ needs are unique, and choosing a thermostat that addresses their challenges is critical. When selecting a thermostat for senior housing units, remember to consider the unique demands of the inhabitants, the various types of thermostats available, and crucial features such as the ability to connect to remote devices, large displays, tamper-proof design, and wire-for-wire replacements.

Upgrade your senior living facilities with the HC7376 Thermostat for Elderly, a tamper-proof thermostat with a large and easy-to-read display, user-friendly interface, compressor protection, and filter monitor. The HC7376 is simple to install and maintain, making it the perfect choice for senior living facilities.

Don’t settle for less—Choose Chicago Controls Thermostats for optimal HVAC system performance and the safety and well-being of your elderly tenants. 

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