How to Choose the Right Thermostat for Your Rental Property

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September 1, 2020
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September 28, 2020

If you’re ready to start leasing your rental property to tenants and earn rental income, you need to think about the fixtures you have installed and what they mean for the unit’s energy efficiency and profitability. It’s crucial to consider installing a limiting thermostat that ensures maximum energy conservation and manageable utility costs. There are four types of limiting thermostats you should consider, depending on your plans for the property:




  1. If you plan to offer free heat to your tenants but want them to pay for air conditioning, then a residential limiting thermostat is likely the ideal choice. This thermostat will keep the temperature no higher than 74 degrees for heating, but there is no limit when it comes to air conditioning.
  2. If you cannot rent your property immediately, and you expect it will remain empty for a while, then an automatic setback thermostat might be the preferable option. This thermostat will limit heat to 71 degrees and air conditioning to 74 degrees, and when in heat mode, it will reset itself to 68 degrees every three hours.
  3. If you rent a vacation property, a tamper-proof vacation home thermostat is the best way to stay in control of your energy bills. This thermostat prevents vacation renters from adjusting the thermostat at all, so you can keep the property’s energy costs manageable throughout the vacation season for multiple renters.
  4. No matter what type of rental property you have, you might want to limit the tenant’s ability to change your thermostat’s settings so that a standard limiting thermostat may be the best choice.


These are four of the most popular options for thermostats among landlords, and each variety offers distinct advantages that can help a property owner keep energy costs manageable. If you own a rental property and want to have the most energy-efficient thermostat installed, we can help. Contact Landlord Thermostats to learn more about the ways your thermostat can save you money.



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