How to Prepare Your Rental Property for the Cold Season

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December 3, 2019
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January 6, 2020

Rental property owners need to maintain their properties to ensure tenant comfort and a steady stream of rental income. The seasonal shift from fall to winter is one of the most difficult for any property owner, and it’s vital for property owners to take a few important steps to transition from the fall to winter safely and efficiently.

Service Boilers and Furnaces

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If there is a problem with any of the heating appliances in your rental property, you want to discover and address them before the winter arrives. Arrange for boiler and furnace servicing before the cold weather hits. Even if your tenants have not reported any problems, it’s a wise idea to arrange inspections so you can catch potential issues before they become major problems for your tenants.


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Plan for Snow Removal

Depending on the types of rental properties you own and our rental agreements with your tenants, you may need to arrange for some type of snow removal once the first heavy snow arrives. Contact local snow removal service providers and see what type of scheduling they offer. If you own a truck capable of managing a snow plow attachment, you may be able to manage it yourself, but this is only advisable if you know what you’re doing and are prepared to shoulder the risk.

Install New Thermostats


The right thermostat can help ensure the HVAC systems in your rental properties continue to operate efficiently when your tenants will rely on them the most. Auto setback thermostats can keep your rental properties at consistent temperatures with minimal strain on a property’s HVAC system.


Trim Trees on Your Rental Properties

Trees can become hazards during the winter if they become overladen with snow. Take time to inspect the trees on your rental properties and remove low-hanging branches or branches that extend over your rental properties’ roofs. This can potentially prevent branches from snapping and falling onto the property and damaging the roof.

Landlord Thermostats can provide you with the equipment you need to ensure tenant comfort and preserve the HVAC systems in your rental properties. Contact us today to learn more about auto setback thermostats and the other thermostat products we offer.


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