How to Prepare Your Rentals and Tenants for Winter Storms

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February 4, 2020
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Most parts of the United States experience severe weather during the winter, including harsh storms that can knock out power and cause property damage in some cases. Rental property owners should take appropriate preventative measures to protect their rental units from winter storms. Taking these steps before severe weather arrives will help keep tenants happy and preserve the investments made into your rental units.


Track Winter Weather Updates for Your Area

It’s easier to prepare for the winter weather in your area when you know what to expect. Track weather forecasts for the area and consider setting up some type of alert to notify you when winter storms are heading your way. If any of your rental units need maintenance, use weather tracking to determine the best times to handle these issues.



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Winterize Rental Units

You can take several steps to winterize your rental units to make them more comfortable and safer during the winter months. Checking windows and doors for drafts, scheduling plumbing inspections, upgrading outdated HVAC systems, and installing landlord thermostats are just a few examples of how to winterize a rental unit effectively. It’s also important to protect tenants from potential slip and fall hazards.


Make Reasonable Upgrades

If any of your rental units need repairs, it is generally best to schedule them before the winter weather arrives. For example, if a rental unit needs a new roof, it is probably best to schedule a roof replacement during the fall before the winter weather damages the roof further. Making reasonable but effective upgrades to rental units protects them and can also make them more attractive to potential future tenants. Installing storm doors, resealing windows, and upgrading HVAC components are just a few examples of possible upgrades.



Rental property owners should do everything possible to prevent winter storm damage to their rental units. They should also strive to maximize the value of their investments with the right upgrades. Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. offers a wide range of landlord thermostat devices designed to keep your rental properties comfortable all year long, and we can help you preserve your rental units during the harshest winter weather. Contact us today for more information.


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