HVAC Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Near Elmhurst IL

With the arrival of the summer months and the heat, a good facility maintenance plan becomes our best asset to avoid unpleasant surprises. According to the US Department of Energy, “the risk that facilities may suffer costly repairs is reduced by 95% by having a good preventive maintenance plan”.

That is why today we want to talk about the importance of having a good residential and commercial HVAC maintenance service.

The importance of a good maintenance service

To clean your air ducts are essential to keep an installation working properly and to prevent and extend the life of its components. Without a good maintenance, the useful life of the machines, spare parts and the rest of elements, would be shortened substantially.

What does Fahrenheit Mechanical Inc. offer within its HVAC cleaning and maintenance services?

Industrial ventilation systems

We design and implement industrial ventilation systems with the best solution to your needs of extraction and injection of air to all types of environments such as restaurants, warehouses, workshops, warehouses, laboratories, factories, etc.. the same that serves to improve air quality caused by insufficient renewal, odors, toxic gases, smoke, steam, etc..

Technical service

We have certified technicians with extensive experience in the installation and repair of air conditioning. To guarantee this attention we have a technical service that guarantees a perfect maintenance of the installations made by our company.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems

We provide an integral inspection and diagnosis of the equipment in order to detect, correct or repair thanks to the proper preventive and corrective maintenance of the units. We perform integral internal and external cleaning of equipment, lubrication of parts and pieces.

We also perform mechanical and electronic adjustments delivering them according to the need delivering the equipment well calibrated for normal operation.

Supply of parts and pieces

We put at your disposal our stock of spare parts and pieces among which are thermostats, rigid and flexible copper pipes, expansion valves, capacitors, universal cards, condensate pumps, refrigerants, copper accessories, compressors, dryer filters, filter driers, washable filters, motors, timers, belts, pressure switches, contactors, glass wool, flexible ducts, damper, return grilles, diffusers, thermal insulation, etc.

Home air ducts cleaning

The maintenance of the HVAC system of a home includes the general cleaning of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, to prevent dirt from obstructing the passage of air and the fan grilles.  In the maintenance the equipment is left in optimal conditions for its correct operation, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and to maintain the aesthetics of the equipment.

In the maintenance of the outdoor unit, some of the main technical components of the air conditioner are checked: compressor, exchanger, refrigerant.

In the indoor unit (handler), the exchange ducts through which the air passes to be cooled are cleaned, because when there is condensation due to the temperature difference, it gets wet and dust particles accumulate until they block the passage of air if it is not cleaned.

Contact the best duct cleaning services in Elmhurst IL

Fahrenheit Mechanical Inc. maintenance services in HVAC systems have 21 years of solving the problems of all those people who have these systems installed in their properties.

Every season of the year presents a challenge for your HVAC system, keeping it in good condition is a responsibility.

Contact the best, contact Fahrenheit Mechanical Inc. through their phone line 630-341-3996 or through their website.

HVAC Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Near Elmhurst IL

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HVAC Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Near Elmhurst IL

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