In the Heat of Summer, How Can You Ensure Optimal Energy Bills?

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July 20, 2020
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During the hot summer months, many people expect their energy bills to soar higher with additional air conditioning use. However, these drastic energy cost hikes don’t have to be the case. We want our homes to be cool and comfortable all summer long, and there are ways to do this while still saving energy and money.


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Thermostat Settings for Daytime

When you and your family are at home and most active during the day, you want to ensure you have a comfortable temperature without spending too much on cooling costs. The suggested temp during these times is 78 degrees. That may sound too warm to some, but it will save tons on your energy bills. You can also use dehumidifiers, fans, and other passive cooling tricks to increase energy efficiency and make the home feel cooler.


Thermostat Settings for Nighttime

While everyone is sleeping, you can get by with a warmer temperature. Set your thermostat between 75 and 88 degrees during the hours that everyone is usually asleep; it will save tons of energy while still providing a comfortable environment. You can also use this higher temp setting for times when everyone is typically away from home. There’s no need to use up huge amounts of energy when nobody is home to enjoy it.


The Importance of Programmable Thermostats

Installing a programmable thermostat in your home can help the energy savings even more. There’s no need to adjust the thermostat constantly for your comfort or activity levels. You set up the program to automatically adjust to your preferences and your family’s schedule. If you find yourself forgetting to adjust the temperature before bed or before heading off to work, a programmable thermostat does all the work for you!


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