How do I stop someone from changing my thermostat?

A thermostat lock also know as a thermostat lock box is one in which where a landlord or a property manager locks the thermostat to prevent others from changing the temperature settings. The reason for a lock for thermostat is pretty simple. A Thermostat Lock Box prevents people from accessing your settings, but did you know that it is not fool proof? There are all kinds of ways to bypass thermostat locks – just google it and see for yourself! But don’t worry. We have an answer for you on how to lock thermostat temperatures for your properties.

Can I put a lock on my thermostat?

So if a thermostat lock box doesn’t work what other options are there? Another option to consider other than thermostat lock boxes are Thermostats that lock – these kind of thermostats will keep the settings at a preferred setting and save energy and reduce your bill. Also known as lockable thermostat,  these thermostats could result in significant savings depending upon the size of the property. If you are wondering how to lock thermostat temperatures, then this could be your solution. Savings usually range from 15-35% or even more depending on square footage and other factors when using lockable thermostats. We call these thermostats, tamper proof thermostats because, no one can change the settings as they are configured directly onto  the circuit board. That is why we consider this to be the best lockable thermostat.

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Locking Thermostat

How do you lock a basic thermostat?

If you are using a thermostat lock box rather than a Locking Thermostat to prevent unauthorized users from manipulating the settings on your thermostat you may soon find out that it is not always effective. Users can break the lockbox for thermostat temperature control or easily pick the lock. This leads to not only wastage in the lock box investment but also loss in energy savings.

How do I lock my heating thermostat?

A tamper proof thermostat from “landlord thermostats” is completely tamper resistant and therefore cannot be tampered with. This prevents unauthorized users from changing the settings.

Now you may be asking how to lock a thermostat without a lock box! You can lock thermostat temperatures worry free because these thermostats have temperature limits coded right on to the circuit board preventing anyone from changing the settings. A thermostat with lock code is not even needed. The settings cannot be changed, period. This is why our products are best sellers with landlords as well as property managers. This is why we believe our thermostats to be the best lockable thermostat and great alternative to lock boxes.

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