Preparing Your Rental Property for the Spring

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February 20, 2019
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Winter’s end is not too far off, and spring is right around the corner. Winter is often rough on properties, resulting in damage from the elements to the building’s structure. It is your responsibility as a rental property owner to check on maintenance concerns before warmer months arrive. Keep in mind the following measures so you can get a head start on your property’s spring preparation.



Clean the Exteriors

During the winter, a variety of objects, trash, and debris can clutter the exterior of your property. Make sure that you clean up garbage from the yard and other outside areas, put tools away, and properly arrange any ornaments and decorations. If your property is vacant, remember that any potential tenant will get his or her first impressions from how the outside looks.  



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Check the Air Conditioner

While the temperature is warming up, it is still not time to crank up the air conditioner yet. Use this chance to ensure that the systems are functioning, the filters are clean, and that routine maintenance is on the schedule. You want to guarantee the tenants that the air conditioning units are ready for the hot summer.  

Inspect Safety Systems

Spring is the perfect time to check on your safety systems in your property. Encourage your tenants to check their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you can arrange for a fix if they need it. Work with a professional to test out your fire alarm and equipment. Replace anything that does not work as it should.

Begin Landscaping

When the weather soon permits, see to it that your property’s yard receives some needed treatment. Ensure that lawn care such as seeding, flower planting, weed prevention, and hedge trimming takes place to prepare for the rest of spring and summer. Also, ensure that the outside valves, pipes, and hoses are working to set up an irrigation system, and that you have proper tools at hand, like brooms and rakes.


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