Preparing Your Vacation Home for Winter

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Do you have a vacation home in a cooler climate or own another property that will sit mostly vacant over the winter months? If so, it’s important not to neglect winter preparations for those properties. Preparing your vacation home for winter can help you save money while the home is vacant and prevent costly damage.

Before you close your vacation or rental home for the winter, be sure to take these steps to ensure the property remains safe and efficient:

  1. Turn Off the Water
    Before you close the home for the winter, turn off the water and open faucets to drain as much water as possible out of your pipes. Open under-sink cabinet doors to allow as much warm air as possible to surround the pipes.
    In the unlikely event that your HVAC system fails and the interior temperature dips below freezing, your pipes are much less likely to freeze and burst.
  2. Turn off the Gas
    Unless your HVAC system and water heater run on gas, consider shutting off your gas lines over the winter. If you cannot do so, notify the local gas company that the property will remain unoccupied for an extended period.
  3. Unplug Unnecessary Appliances and Accessories
    If your home remains vacant for some time, unplug appliances and devices that can drain energy over time. Leave refrigerators, freezers and perhaps a single lamp plugged in to deter potential home invaders.
  4. Leave the Heater on
    No matter how long your property will remain vacant, it’s essential to continue to operate the HVAC system. Leaving the system on at a minimum of 55 degrees will help ensure your pipes won’t freeze.
  5. Consider a Landlord Thermostat
    As the weather fluctuates, so will the temperature in your vacation home.
    Installing a vacation home Landlord or Auto-Setback Thermostat will help ensure your vacation home’s temperature stays at a safe and energy-efficient level while you are away. 

Selecting the ideal Landlord Thermostat for your region and your vacation or vacant home, you can rely on the professionals at Landlord Thermostats. Contact us today to determine which model will best meet your needs. 

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