Property Managers and Tamper Proof Thermostats

Temperature Controlled Thermostat for Landlords
Should you include free utilities when renting your property?
May 19, 2014
Temperature Controlled Thermostat for Landlords
Avoiding The Security Deposit Blues
September 19, 2014

Property Managers save serious money using Tamper Proof Thermostats

Property Managers now have relief from tenants abusing free gas and air provided as part of their rental agreement. Anything that’s given free loses value and it is no different in property management. Tenants try to take advantage of this by turning their thermostat to higher settings for heat and lower settings for air conditioning.

Now property managers don’t have to think twice when offering free utilities. The tamper proof thermostats from Chicago Controls provide 100% protection and lead to thousands in savings.

Truly Tamper Resistant and Temperature Limiting Thermostats

landlord thermostat limits heat

Landlord Thermostat


Our Thermostats have been in use by several agencies and is the only truly tamper resistant thermostat out there. Check out our products on the product page