Protect Your A/C Unit During the 2019 Heat Wave

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July 15, 2019
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The recent heat wave that has been scorching the country has people cranking up their air conditioning by turning down their thermostats. Unfortunately, they don’t always realize that drastic shifts won’t accomplish what they want because that’s not how HVAC systems work. When people force the system to work too hard, it can strain the system causing it to work less efficiently over time and break down sooner. This simple misunderstanding is one reason why tamper-resistant thermostats for rentals are so crucial.


Keeping Steady Temperatures Ensures Efficient Cooling

Some property owners believe it’s best to turn down their HVAC cooling when a property is empty for a while or when weather permits, and others try and overwork their HVAC systems in response to changing temperatures. Ultimately, you must reconcile your target temperature for the property with the actual temperature. The greater the difference between the two, the faster it will heat up or cool down respectively when you adjust your HVAC system.

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Your HVAC Works the Same Way No Matter How Hot

Many people mistakenly believe the “valve theory,” that your HVAC system works harder to compensate for greater temperature differences than it does when only a small adjustment is necessary. This is not true.

Regardless of whether your system is trying to cool down by two degrees or ten, the system will work just as hard to accomplish either. For example, if your heater releases heat at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it will always release heat at this temperature. It will not go up to 120 degrees if you need to heat up ten degrees, nor will it drop to 80 degrees if you only need to jump up one degree. The same applies to cooling but in reverse; it will not produce cooler air to make up for a larger difference in temperature.

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Preserve Your HVAC System

Keeping your thermostat at a steady temperature is the most efficient way to keep any property cool. If you’re having trouble with your property’s thermostat or with your tenant’s misunderstanding of temperature shifts, contact Landlord Thermostats today for tamper resistant thermostats that help your system run more efficiently and last longer.


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