Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones With These Tips

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April 14, 2020
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May 11, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Americans indoors, following social distancing guidelines and working from home whenever possible. As the health crisis continues, elderly people face the greatest risks and are spending more time home alone. If you have elderly loved ones forced to remain in isolation, you are likely worried about how they are managing day to day amid the crisis. One often overlooked yet important device that may help you ensure their safety is a controlled thermostat.


Why Controlled Thermostats?

If you are not able to regularly check in on your older loved ones during the Coronavirus quarantine, controlled thermostats can at least help you ensure they are comfortable when you are unable to be there to protect them. If you have an elderly relative who lives alone, it’s best to limit your interactions with them to keep them safe. Installing a controlled thermostat in their home is a good way to ensure their safety without needing to be there all the time.



How Does a Controlled Thermostat Work?

A new controlled thermostat will ensure your older loved one’s home remains at a consistent temperature. Older folks are more sensitive to temperature changes, and sudden shifts in temperature may influence their immune systems in unpredictable ways. This possibility is especially dangerous amid the COVID-19 pandemic considering the virus poses the greatest risk to elderly individuals.


Other Ways to Keep Your Older Loved Ones Safe During the Crisis

Controlled thermostats can offer peace of mind, and modern communication technology can help you check in on your elderly loved one when you are unable to visit them in person. Consider setting up a video call on a weekly basis so you can talk face-to-face as best you can while the Coronavirus keeps everyone under lock and key. If you decide to install a controlled thermostat for your older loved one, contact Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. for more information about these devices.


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