Protecting Your Rental Property from Spring Weather Damage

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April 2, 2019
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May 6, 2019

While Spring weather may be a bit warmer than the wintertime, you do still run the risk of damage from inclement weather. Spring storms and showers could wreak havoc on your rental property without proper protections in place. Inspect your rental property and consider the climate in the area to determine your Spring weather damage concerns.


Step One: Maintain an Inspection Schedule

You should regularly visit your rental properties throughout the year to check for structural damage and address small problems before they turn into bigger ones. You may have an inspection schedule written into your rental agreements or use a property manager to handle inspections for you. In either case, be sure to address any maintenance issues immediately.

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Step Two: Window Maintenance

In virtually any rental property in any climate, the windows are one of the essential structures. Windows affect inside temperatures, energy consumption, and lighting. They can also be a major source of property damage if you fail to check them on a regular basis. Address any leaks or broken window panes immediately before these issues cause further damage.


Step Three: Take Climate-Appropriate Preventive Measures

Different areas of the country experience different types of spring weather. If your area sees more rain during the Spring, make sure to check window seals and the water systems of your rental properties. Drier climates may mean less of a reason to worry about water damage in the Spring and instead require preparation for the hottest time of the year.

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Your rental property is an investment. Take the time to keep it in top shape year-round and it can continue to be a reliable source of income. Spring may involve some of the most pleasant weather throughout the year, but this season can also entail severe storms and heavy precipitation. Take appropriate preventive maintenance measures to keep your property comfortable and valuable for your renters.


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