Remind Your Renters About These Winter Maintenance Tips

How to Prepare Your Rental Property for the Cold Season
December 17, 2019
How Landlords Can Winterize Their Rental Properties
January 20, 2020

Winter can take a toll on any type of property without appropriate maintenance. Before this winter arrives, remind the tenants in your rental properties of a few simple maintenance issues they should address so the winter passes without issues.


Prevent Frozen Pipes



Remind your tenants to keep at least one faucet running slowly whenever the outside temperature drops below 20 degrees. Running water will have a harder time freezing, and this can potentially prevent frozen and burst pipes, especially in older properties. Keeping the cabinets under your sinks open also helps ensure warm air circulation around pipes. Make sure your tenants know to call you immediately if they suspect a pipe has frozen.


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Remove Window Units



If your tenants use window units for air conditioning and air circulation, make sure they know to remove them before winter arrives. Window units can allow cold air to seep into the property and cause the heating system to work harder than it should, potentially leading to breakdowns when your tenants need functional heat the most.


Instruct Proper Ceiling Fan Use

Have your tenants turn their ceiling fans on low in reverse. This helps to circulate the warm air that rises inside a space back toward the ground, helping to keep the space comfortable in low temperatures.


Provide Thermostat Guidance

If you allow your tenants to control their thermostats, make sure they know to keep them at specific temperatures to prevent HVAC system overload. Consider installing landlord thermostats so you have control over the temperatures of your rental units. Auto setback thermostats will ensure a property remains a specific temperature without overburdening the property’s HVAC system.


These tips will help you and your tenants withstand the winter months more easily and in greater comfort. If you are interested in installing landlord thermostats, contact us today for more information about these and other devices to ensure your rental properties stay safe and comfortable this winter.

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