Show Residents Some Love This Valentine’s Day

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January 29, 2021
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There is no better time to show your residents some love than on Valentines Day. Shop Now for the latest and greatest thermostats for your tenants!

Take a second, think about your properties. Between snow removal, heating issues and overall property curb appeal. As you know, your residents can make or break your property. Now ask yourself, are you holding up your end of the deal? By providing easy to use and money saving thermostats in your rental properties you are helping your residents save time and effort from fussing around with complicated, costly and unreliable thermostats. 

Landlords spend so much time tending to the needs of tenants. 

Is that time spent, time well spent?

Here are a Few Quick and Easy Ways to Ensure Your Tenants Feel Appreciated

Response Time

Be quick to respond to questions, concerts and problems. Ease their mind and let them know you are happy to talk with them. Even if you can’t fix or fully address the problem at that time, acknowledge them and let them know you will look into it further at your earliest convenience. 

Schedule a time to meet with them so you can see what is going on rather than try to have them relay any issues. This will save both you and your tenant time in the long run. If you cannot physically be there, schedule a video call.

Fast responses help ease your tenant’s minds especially those who may be worried or who have had previous issues.

Face Lift

Give the apartment, condo or rental home a spruce up in terms of an HVAC routine maintenance. This shows your tenants you care about their safety and overall well being.

Is their thermostat not functioning properly or they are unsure how to use it? 

Ask if you can pop over to spend a few minutes with them going over how the Landlord Thermostat works. This will give them the comfort of knowing how to use their thermostat effectively and also ease their mind knowing their thermostat is working properly and as a bonus saving money.

February is one of the coldest months of the year, time to make sure your residents are staying warm. Preventative maintenance is a better route for both you and your tenants. Schedule a time to stop by or talk to your tenants to make sure their thermostats are working properly. The key is if you go take the time now to check everything is working efficiently then hopefully this will eliminate or reduce the emergency calls later, at a less than desirable time for you. 

No better time to start saving money than right now. With Landlord Thermostats, you can save 30% on your heating bill! 

Save 14% on your online purchase this Valentine’s Day week using promo code: VDAY. In addition to saving money on your heating bill and thermostat, you can have your new Landlord Thermostat in time for Valentine’s Day if you order now! You can get your new thermostat the same day if you order before 12pm CT, depending on your location. Note, some exclusions do apply.

Did you know?

Heating an apartment above 71 degrees costs and additional 7-10% for each degree. 

Heating an apartment to 76 degrees rather than 71 degrees can cost 50% more!

Overall, effectively communicating with your tenants and taking the extra step to seeing if everything is going okay on this V Day will assist with your tenants treating your property and you respectfully. And who knows, it may encourage them to renew their lease with you rather than look elsewhere.

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Hi Friends,
In all seriousness, we are a small family owned and operated company.
We are open for business during these trying times and all thermostats still ship the same day as they always have.

My daughters, Hope & Kelly, (they do the shipping), have become somewhat 'germophobic.' They sanitize anything they touch before they touch it. Rest assured that all packages going out are "Germ Free" when they ship. However, the box may arrive looking a little warped from the bleach & alcohol.

I also want you to know we do sincerely appreciate your business.
Stay healthy, wash your hands, stay home & get "Re-Connected" to the ones you love.

We will get through this, We Are Americans!


Mike Lyle
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