st Joseph equipment rental

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st Joseph equipment rental

Check with Rent-All Equipment for affordable St Joseph equipment rental and see why homeowners, business owners, contractors, and farmers trust us for low-cost rental of high-quality equipment and tools. Before making a substantial investment in a brand new device or machine, consider a rental at a fraction of the cost of buying new. We store, maintain, and rent out just about every type of tool you could need to complete a home improvement project or job requiring heavy equipment.

Why Is Renting Better Than Buying?

There are many different reasons why St Joseph residents come to us for a short-term equipment rental:

  • To avoid paying Missouri personal property taxes on owned equipment
  • To keep from having to make a significant investment that requires an upfront payment
  • To eliminate performing ongoing maintenance on tools
  • To take advantage of affordable rental costs
  • To have access to the newest equipment from top manufacturers

Whatever your reasons, rest easy knowing we almost always have the tools you need on hand when you call to book a rental. The earlier you let us know about your equipment needs, the more likely we can secure your rental. Call us when planning out a project and we’ll have the tools and equipment you need ready to go on the day and time you come in.

How Much is St Joseph Equipment Rental?

Our affordable rental prices are the most attractive feature of renting from us instead of buying new tools. Select from our numerous product categories to see rental prices for 4-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, weekly, and monthly timeframes. If you need a custom price, simply give us a call and ask to speak with one of our rental experts- we’ll work with you to provide the best customer service of any equipment store in the state. Check out rates on the following:

  • 24” Self propelled Street Saw: $530 weekly
  • Hot Saw: $246 weekly
  • Soft Cut Saw: $89 for an 8 hour rental
  • Power Trowel: $69 for an 8 hour rental
  • 3” Trash pump: $73 for a 4 hour rental
  • Hot Water Washer 3500 psi: $110 for an 8 hour rental
  • Magnetic Drill: $287 for a weekly rental
  • Pressure Washer 2000 psi: $45 for a 4 hour rental
  • Laser level: $44 for an 8 hour rental

Trust us for low rental rates for chainsaws, core drills, hoisting equipment, ladders, lawn & garden tools, stump grinders, log splitters, and much, much more.

Low Cost, High Quality

Paying less to rent equipment is just one of the many perks you’ll experience when you choose us for your St Joseph equipment rental- you’ll also find we have the best selection on top-quality tools manufactured by the biggest names in the business. See us for specialty tool rental, heavy equipment rental, and common implement rental for much less than you would invest if you decided to buy new. Call or connect with us through our website– we are happy to help you select the right equipment for your project.

Additional Benefits

Rent-All Equipment can help keep your project moving forward by eliminating a cash flow problem that often comes with buying brand new machinery. You'll pay just pennies on the dollar to rent from us, compared with the cost of a purchase, and that savings can go toward other areas in your project to prevent downtime. Best of all, our exhaustive inventory of tools and equipment includes items for the home, farm, and construction site, so you'll always find what you need when you choose us as your rental company.

We Deliver!

Instead of worrying about renting a trailer and transporting heavy equipment from our store to your construction site or home, just let us know when you book your rental that you'll need it delivered on the morning or afternoon of your project. We'll gather all the pertinent information and have your equipment delivered on-time when you need it there. You'll find our rental and delivery services a very affordable option when working within a budget.

Rent well-maintained equipment from a reputable store whenever you need to have a specialty tool or machine on-site to complete a project. Our store assumes all of the risks of equipment ownership, so you won't have to pay personal property taxes on equipment, fees, hidden costs, or anything other than what we charge to rent to you. Give us a call if you have additional questions or make the short drive to our location to check out our entire inventory of equipment.

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st Joseph equipment rental

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