Let Our Tamperproof Thermostat Options Help You Save Money on Your Rental Properties

One of the common problems faced by landlords and property managers who do not utilize a tamperproof thermostat is the tendency of their tenants to manipulate thermostat settings, often to the detriment of energy and costs. Tenants find no impetus to utilize energy efficiently if their utility bills are included in the rent, because they do not pay for any extra expenses. Hence, they are liable to change settings as they please. This is one of the many reasons you need a tamper proof thermostat.

However, landlords have to bear these additional expenses, which could impact their bottom line. Research suggest that every degree above 70 increases your cost by 7 percent to 10 percent, making it paramount to control the temperature to save expenses. Also, modifying and limiting thermostat settings frequently might ruin the equipment. This is another one of the many reasons you need a tamper proof thermostat.

Tamperproof Thermostat

With these issues in mind, installing a tamperproof and cost-effective thermostat that presets the limits for the heating and air conditioning settings will prove highly beneficial. Not only will this temperature limiting control thermostat prevent your tenants from playing around with the temperature controls, it will also save you thousands of dollars annually.

Why Our Tamper Proof Thermostat?

We make tamper proof thermostats exclusively for landlords and property managers. Our thermostats are engineered with unchangeable set point limits. The highest heat and lowest A/C limit are programmed in the printed circuit board. These limits cannot be changed by anyone…not even us!

With a small investment and a five minute installation, you can reduce energy costs by around 30% . Our tamper proof thermostats are used in state and government housing agencies, resorts and universities across the world. If you are looking for a simple, optimal and extremely tamper proof solution, look no further than our thermostats.

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