Technology: 3 Trends in Home Temperature Regulation

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January 17, 2019
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February 20, 2019

Thanks to modern technology, people can instantly know what is happening inside their homes, businesses, and even see what their dog is doing no matter where they are. As technology continues to transform the world as we know it, the same applies to temperature regulation. Contemporary trends in home heating and cooling regulation can help save money and conserve energy while offering a more convenient way to manage the temperature in your home. Here are three of the latest and greatest trends in home temperature control.

Wifi-Enabled Thermostats

Looking for the convenience of controlling your home or office temperature through your smartphone? Depending on the brand, wifi-enabled thermostats can provide easy viewing of indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as control of all functions, including temperature set points, humidity, fan, and system settings. They are also easy to adjust, so you don’t have to go through a whole programming process to change the temperature settings as the weather changes.



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Proximity Sensing

Also known as geofencing, the best aspect of proximity sensing is that it monitors and regulates your home’s temperature based on your preferences. Tracking your location through a smartphone app, this feature automatically adjusts the temperature by turning your central heating or cooling on or off once you reach a set distance from your home. Many brands also offer maintenance reminders, extreme weather alerts, and other useful information.

Home Energy Display

Most people learn first about their home’s energy consumption when the utility bill arrives in the mail, but thermostats’ home energy displays can give you this information in real time. This not only encourages energy conservation, but it can help save money as well. Along with access to information, this feature has visual prompts for when your home is running efficiently or inefficiently. Many brands even provide an estimate energy of your savings in real dollars.


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