Let Our Temperature Control Thermostat Options Help You Save Money on Your Rental Properties

Landlord control temperature control thermostats provide a solution to saving big on your energy bills. Installing a control temp thermostat puts you in control of energy usage in your rental properties.

What is a temperature control thermostat?

A temperature control thermostat is a device that is used to sense and regulate the temperature within an area, building or home it is installed in. These thermostat controls are energy efficient due to the control temp they have.

Temperature Control Thermostat

Is there a temp thermostat that maintains temperature?

Chicago Controls Thermostats have a variety of temperature control thermostats that maintain temperature. This allows the thermostat to be fixed within a set temperature range the thermostat control heats or cools to. Which gives occupants the power to control the temp within a set range of degrees, in turn saving big on energy bills without having to go to drastic temperatures.

How does a thermostat control work?

A modern temperature control thermostat allows you to set custom high and low temperatures. This can save money by giving you the flexibility to control temps for your properties.

Purchasing the right landlord controlled temp thermostat gives you customizable features and programming options so you’re in complete thermostat control.

Why Our Temperature Control Thermostat?

We make tamper proof thermostats exclusively for landlords and property managers. Our thermostats are engineered with unchangeable set point limits. The highest heat and lowest A/C limit are programmed in the printed circuit board. These limits cannot be changed by anyone…not even us!

With a small investment and a five minute installation, you can reduce energy costs by around 30% . Our tamper proof thermostats are used in state and government housing agencies, resorts and universities across the world. If you are looking for a simple, optimal and extremely tamper proof solution, look no further than our thermostats.

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