Good morning again Mike,
Got the 1st 6 out of the 7 installed this week and you can feel the difference already walking into the different zones…..old stat zones maxed and still toasty warm, new stat zones 70 no if ands or butts about it 70. “tenants” in the new stat zones not happy at all because the ambient temp is still over 71-72 and the new stats don’t kick in till 69 is displayed.

I put one stat up by the loading docks where we have the worst temp swings because of open doors and you can really see this thing in all its glory when it cycles like it was designed and when the tenants complain this stat don’t work we show them one in action just by loading a truck.

Made initial report to front office on the status of the test and have gotten the ok to bring in more so order will be placed shortly for the next dozen.

Steve Schiiling, NY

I bought the HC7372 Thermostat and had my son install it. Works like a charm and we don’t even get any complaints. This is a vacation rental property rented by the week and the thermostats were constantly set at 65 degrees and the renters weren’t even there! 72 degrees is a very reasonable setting, low enough that they don’t complain, but where they won’t break my bank. Thank You Chicago Controls!

Susan, Ft Myers Beach, Fl

As soon as I installed the HC7176 thermostats, the tenants started calling saying their furnace wasn’t working. Every time I would send the maintenance guy, the apartments were at 71 degrees. I wonder how badly they were taking advantage of me before I installed your thermostats. Legally I have to keep it at 68, I think I’m being more than fair. Most of the tenants have put in electric radiator type of supplemental heat ON THEIR DIME. Gas bills about half of last year! Thank You, I will be buying more soon.

Frank, Green Bay, Wi