This Summer, Keep Your Vacation Rental From Costing You Money

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August 3, 2020
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September 1, 2020

At home, you have control over your HVAC system and energy costs and can be as conservative with usage as you’d like. However, if you own a vacation rental without a programmable thermostat, you don’t have any control over the energy usage of guests and renters. Summer is a time when many of us anticipate larger energy bills, with the air conditioner running, but this doesn’t have to be the case.




Unfortunately, your guests and renters may not have as much concern for your HVAC system and energy bills as you do. Here are some common guest behaviors that can spell trouble for your home’s energy efficiency:


  • Cranking the thermostat. Guests may be more likely to crank the thermostat one way or another to heat or cool the house quickly. These less-than-subtle adjustments can be hard on an HVAC system and cause energy bills to soar. A programmable thermostat can put limits on temperature settings to minimize this issue.


  • Leaving windows open. Renters may not think about the energy usage, or not realize the AC is on, and open windows for some air, putting added pressure on an HVAC system, but a smart thermostat may even be able to sense when windows or doors are open and shut down the HVAC to save on energy.


  • Not adjusting the thermostat when they leave. Your guests may not think to dial back the thermostat when they leave your home. However, with a smart thermostat system, you can program temperature changes when a guest checks out, and the property becomes vacant.


You also may not know when something is wrong with your HVAC system. Your guests may not notify you or don’t notice an issue during their short stay. With a smart thermostat system in place, you’ll be notified immediately of any problems so that you can take care of them before they become worse and require a costlier fix. Contact Landlord Thermostat for a full range of smart thermostat options for your vacation rental.


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