Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved One Live Safely

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“Aging in place,” or staying home as you age rather than moving in with relative or into assisted living, has become more popular in the U.S. as people are living longer and staying healthier. Though independent-minded seniors are leading this trend, it can be a challenge to those who love them. If your elderly loved one has decided to age in place, consider some steps to help them stay safe and give you peace of mind.

Purchase a Medical Alert Bracelet

elderlyThese devices have become even more technically advanced, but they are still simple to work. Whether your loved one has fallen or feels like they are suffering from a medical emergency, a medical-alert bracelet or necklace can ensure that the right people – medical staff – get there as soon as they can. Many seniors will call a loved one first, and that can mean waiting longer for medical attention.


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Arrange the Kitchen Well

If your elderly loved ones live alone, make sure they can reach all dishes and food items. Keeping these things at eye or hip levels mean no over-reaching and falling and no bending too far and straining muscles. Keep disinfecting wipes on counter tops so they can easily clean.


Install an Elderly Thermostat

elderlyMost seniors prefer a warmer home environment due to the aches of certain joints. If they sit in a cold room too long, those pains can get worse. They may not even realize that the air conditioner may be causing them more harm than good. Installing an elderly thermostat can ensure the temps stay at a healthy temperature and no one accidentally changes the setting, causing discomfort or undue stress.

Small things can make a big difference, too. Regularly check smoke detectors, install anti-scalding guards on faucets, install non-skid pads in the tub, and get rid of tripping hazards. Removing clutter de-stresses most people, but it can be particularly helpful to seniors who get easily confused.


Helping a loved one embrace their home and stay there as they age is a gift to your elderly loved one. With frequent visits and a few modifications, it can be a long and happy arrangement.


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