Six Tips to Prepare Your Rental for the Summer

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February 13, 2018
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April 18, 2018

Prepare your rental with a smart thermostatFor many landlords, summer is an extremely busy time. You may have college kids, travelers, or a variety of other people looking to rent your property. It is important to have your place ready for any potential residents. Follow these tips to prepare your rental for the summer rush.

Check Your Air Conditioning Unit

Though the warmth of summer is a welcome change, it can also be extremely unpleasant on especially hot days. It is vital that you have a functioning air conditioning unit for your tenants. First change your filter. It is an easy and inexpensive fix. Make sure there is at least two feet of open space around the unit.

Inspect Interior Duct Work and Airflow

Check to see if all the vents are clear and not blocked by rugs, furniture, or any other item. Look to see if there is any mold or excessive dust on the duct work. If there is, hire a professional to clean it.

Prepare Windows and Doors for the Hot Sun

Replace any thick, dark curtains with light, thin ones so that more sunlight will reflect off the curtains and keep the room from heating up. At the same time, check for leaks and gaps around the windows.

Test Smoke Detectors and Security Systems

Even above comfort, security should be a main priority for any landlord. Be sure all the smoke detectors are functioning and that any security systems in place are working. Change the batteries, just in case.

Clean the Fans

Ceiling fans can develop massive amounts of dust through the winter and spring months. Make sure to clean the fans so dust does not shower your tenants the first time they turn on the ceiling fan.

Do Some Landscaping

Landscaping is a nice finishing touch. Clear out any fallen branches, mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, and plant some flowers. These small steps will make your property seem much more welcoming to your future tenant.

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