Ways Your Thermostat Could Cost You Money

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November 6, 2017
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December 12, 2017

Temperature limiting thermostatIt seemed like a simple enough project. You saw a thermostat at the megastore and thought you would do the right thing and improve your home’s energy efficiency – or maybe your tenant did it for you. Now, the energy bill is higher than ever, and you don’t understand why. Here are some simple tips for making sure your thermostat delivers this winter.

Common Signs of Thermostat Problems

If the tenant complains that the heater runs constantly but it never gets warm, it may be a sign that there is a problem with the thermostat. Compare the reading on the thermostat with a thermometer. They should agree within a few degrees. An older thermostat may need to be replaced. A recently installed thermostat may have been wired incorrectly. Check the wiring diagram that came with the new thermostat to ensure it is properly connected.

Is Your Thermostat on the Wrong Wall?

A common cause of higher-than-necessary energy bills is having your thermostat installed on the wrong wall. Thermostats should not be installed on exterior walls, as they are usually cooler than other walls in the home. Thermostats should never be installed near drafty doors or where windows may shine directly on them. The best location for a thermostat is on an interior wall in a busy area of the house, so that it measures the temperature of the area you actually want to heat or cool.

Correct the Situation the Right Way

A tamper-proof thermostat will ensure your heating and air conditioning systems aren’t abused.  If it’s time to replace your thermostat, consider Landlord Thermostats. They are easy to install, tamper proof, and help save on your energy bills. The setting limits are programmed into the circuit board, so you can be in control of your rentals – even when you aren’t there.