Weather Whiplash: Climate Fluctuations in the Fall, Winter, and Spring

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February 17, 2020
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March 16, 2020

In most parts of the country, winter temperatures and weather patterns have varied wildly from week to week in recent years. Sometimes it’s day to day. One day feels like springtime, the next could be a blizzard. Scientists tell us that global warming and climate change are the reason for these wildly fluctuating weather patterns. There is also a new term on the books for mother nature’s crazy antics – weather whiplash. This is described as a sudden change in weather that is considered to be severely out of line with what we would expect.


Humans, animals, and our delicate ecosystem are all affected by this increasingly common event that occurs throughout the winter season. A sense of false-spring sometimes causes trees, crops, and flowers to begin growing or budding before they are safe from winter frost and snow. Unusually early snowfalls can also ruin autumn crops that haven’t been harvested yet. This affects our food supply and the livelihood of farmers across the country.


Weather Whiplash and Your Rental Properties

These sudden changes can often wreak havoc on our homes. Large masses of snow and ice can melt suddenly with unexpectedly warm temperatures, causing flooding and flood damage. The likelihood of burst pipes in homes is greater than it is when conditions are more constant.


Heating our homes is also a more complicated issue as the outside temperature changes from one day to the next. Constantly adjusting the thermostat to suit the day’s climate is frustrating and can often be troublesome for landlords whose tenants are negligent in keeping rental units at a reasonable temperature. Installing a landlord thermostat is one solution that rental property owners are finding to help them save money on utilities.


If you are interested in learning more about how landlord thermostats can help you keep your costs in check throughout the winter whiplash season, call Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. at (773) 593-0434 today.


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