What Is the Safest Room Temperature for a Baby?

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New parents have a lot to think about including what’s the safest room temperature for a new baby?

Even before the baby is born, there is often much concern and significant preparation to ensure that the baby arrives safely and in good health. After a baby is born, one of the biggest worries for parents is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. Scientists agree that there are a few ways to lower the chances of SIDS happening to your little one, one of which is keeping the baby’s bedroom between 65 and 72 degrees. This can keep the baby from overheating and potentially going into distress.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your baby’s room stays at an ideal temperature, so you can rest easy and your baby can too.

Install a Thermometer

Be sure that the nursery has a thermometer. While the rest of the house may be set at an appropriate 70 degrees, heating can be uneven and may result in your baby’s room being too warm to be safe. If there is not a mounted thermometer on the wall, buy a portable one so you can monitor the room’s temperature. Electronic thermostats work well, too, and allow you to track and control the temperature no matter where you are.

Use a Fan

Installing a fan in the nursery can help keep temperatures cool and your baby safe. Just be sure not to point it directly at your child.

Attic Ventilation

If you have indoor air conditioning, be sure it’s performing well in your baby’s room. If it’s not, having an attic ventilator installed in your HVAC system can help improve the comfort of the area and keep your baby cool.

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