What’s the Ideal Thermostat Temp for Spring Months?

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March 16, 2020
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The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, trees are budding, days are getting longer, and the first flowers of spring are bursting through the soil. For many, this is the best time of the year. The warmer weather and promise of summer right around the corner prompt many of us to open our windows during the day and enjoy the fresh air. However, temperatures vary greatly from day to day, and even from morning to night during the spring. For this reason, landlords and homeowners alike must be vigilant in keeping thermostats at a consistent temperature that doesn’t overwork the HVAC system and create higher utility bills.


How the Temperature Change Can Save You Money

In a season that falls between the coldest and warmest times of the year, controlling the strain on furnaces and air conditioning systems can be difficult. If you keep your heating adjusted to the temperature it was running at over the winter, it will cost more than is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, but if you keep it too low, the air conditioning may run when it isn’t necessary. You can save as much as 5% on your energy utilities for every degree closer to the outside temperature the thermostat is set at. In the uncertain climate of the changing season, you will want to ensure that indoor temperatures are comfy, but neither too cold nor too hot. Most days shouldn’t require air conditioning, and the furnace should certainly be running a lot less that it was over the winter. All this should work together to bring down energy costs and give your entire HVAC system a short respite before summer arrives.


How to Keep a Comfortable In-home Temperature This Spring

thermostatThe ideal temperature setting for a thermostat is around 70 degrees in the springtime. This will keep your furnace and air conditioning from working excessively but keep things warm on cooler days and cool on hot days. Of course, temperatures will vary greatly during the season, which is where things can be tricky. Some people choose to set their thermostats higher during the day when they are not home to guarantee that the air conditioning will not kick on. While this is a prudent practice, it becomes difficult to maintain, as household members come and go at different times, and inevitably someone is stuck coming home to an unpleasant, hot house.


This is where Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. can help. Our wide range of landlord thermostat devices allows homeowners and landlords to program and control thermostats throughout the spring and all year long, keeping the indoor temperature comfortable for everyone. These thermostats eliminate the need to worry about constantly adjusting the temperature with changing climatic conditions and help to save on energy costs.


If you want to know more about how Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. can help you maintain control over your utility costs at home, or in your rental properties, call us today at (773) 589-0434 to find out how our products can benefit you.


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