Why landlord thermostats are better than regular thermostats

Temperature Controlled Thermostat for Landlords
Should you include free utilities when renting your property?
May 19, 2014

Why landlord thermostats are better than regular thermostats

Each time you receive your utility bills for your rental properties, the thought goes through your head. If only I could lower this amount, that would count to my cash flow. Making money in real estate is not just about building up equity and buying up properties. It also involves reducing your costs. If you are able to keep your costs low, that is money in your pocket.

Cost savings with tamper proof landlord thermostats

If there was something you can do about costs related to energy, it is now. All you have to do is install a temperature limiting thermostat also known as tamper resistant thermostat. These thermostats have higher and lower heat and air condition settings. The higher setting is anywhere from 71 to 73 depending on the model you choose. The lower is somewhere between 68 and 70.

Completely Tamper Proof

The temperature is written into the circuit board ensuring that no one, not even a good electrician will be able to change the temperature settings. This is what differentiates our thermostats from the competitors.

Money Back Guarantee

With satisfaction guaranteed via our Money Back Guarantee, you can buy it without thinking twice. Try it and we’re absolutely confident that you’ll save hundreds of dollars in utility bills.