Why May Shifts in Temps Shouldn’t Affect Heating and Cooling Bills

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May 11, 2020
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June 9, 2020

May typically has one of the most variable climates of any month of the year. Temperature swings during May can feel almost cruel, shifting from incredibly warm to chilly in just a few hours. If your tenants have been complaining of wild temperature shifts recently, the upcoming May weather could prove incredibly troublesome for them.

Unfortunately, many tenants think that adjusting their thermostats is the best method for protecting themselves from unexpected temperature changes. This is not only untrue, but potentially very wasteful and expensive as their heating and air conditioning systems will need to work much harder to keep up with their constantly changing settings.


Controlled Thermostats Are the Best Defenses Against Variable May Weather

To keep your tenants safe and comfortable this May, invest in and install controlled thermostats. These devices prevent tenants from altering their thermostat settings, which could inefficiently change indoor temperatures. Instead, controlled thermostats ensure interior temperatures remain constant despite how the weather changes outside. You won’t have to spend excess money on heating and cooling costs this May, and your tenants can enjoy consistent interior temperatures without feeling the need to adjust their thermostats unnecessarily.

Installing controlled thermostats in your rental unit not only helps keep your tenants comfortable in variable May weather, but it also keeps utility costs reasonable for your rental units. When HVAC systems receive constantly changing inputs, these changes tax their components and can lead to excessive wear and tear and even equipment breakdowns.




Choose Reliable Controlled Thermostats from a Leading Supplier

Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. offers high-quality controlled thermostats with a wide range of options. These devices can allow property owners and property managers to keep better track of their rental units’ utility usage, reducing overhead costs while also keeping tenants happy. If you are interested in installing controlled thermostats in your rental units, contact Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. today for more information.


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